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Address: On the 25th Chun Cheung Road Zhangmutou Town, Guangdong Province, the new management area
Zipcode: 523270
???? Dongguan Pengli Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional production of LED spacing column, PCB board separation column, plastic screws, PVC meson, power-line deduction, all kinds of mounts, nylon cable tie, roll-type end of the belt, external forcing cable fixed-head, all kinds of rubber floor mats, free insulation kits, and sales agent with plastic trunking, heat-shrinkable tubing, heat pipe, closed terminals, terminal blocks, all kinds of lighting accessories,
more than five terminals, etc. (wiring equipment) the specialized factory. Products are widely used in household appliances, lighting products, instruments, machinery and equipment, network communication products such as "eternal pursuit of innovation, always service-orientated" is our company's development purpose.

In order to meet modern market competition, our company always keep in mind the quality of personnel training, process improvement, technical equipment updated, based on present, look to the future! Peng Li has made efforts in the competition are being further improved in order to first-class quality, first-class management and service to meet the domestic and foreign merchants presence your help, to discuss cooperation!

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Address: Chun Cheung Road, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Stone new management area on the 25th Zip Code: 523270
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